Friday, July 25, 2014

The Cat Story...

This is so random.

So last night a fellow blogger Ms Marg shared on FB with the rest of us other bloggers in her circle, some common hindrances when it comes to writing - The 15 Stages You Go Through Everyday If You're a Writer. Aha! Totally understandable. I get that all the time.

But the thing that caught our attention was how cats featured in at least 2 of those points. Interesting. So after a series of funny 'cat' comments, and this being a total writer's block topic, I added "The first to post a cat story wins." Of course, me being pregnant and it was already 10.45pm at the time, I fell asleep right after... until morning.

The winner is of course Khairool! who in the spirit of a good blogging (if there's such a thing) wrote about a brilliant cat hut story. Haha. Pat yourself in the back mister! Who says you cannot write under pressure?

Now back to me...

My cat story? Oh nothing. Just that I caught my significant otter made a tender gesture towards a kitty when we were vacationing in Phuket last June. I mean, he may not like cats so much (what's with the neighbours' cats constantly harassing his shoes and leaving furs here n there outside our house, climbed the fences, scratched the car etc) but I am sure he doesn't hate them or want to harm them in any way. <3

 There see? I got proofs!

So that's it! Cat Challenge accepted! You all have a good Friday and a loooooong weekend ahead! I should be in KK by the time I post a next one. At least this settles the block thingy for now.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

So are you going to heaven or hell? ...

Pre-Note: Saturday break.

Heard once upon a time. A conversation in a car.
Three colleagues, all of different religion and faith, car-pooled to an eatery for a meal. One a Muslim, another a Christian, and one other a Buddhist. The subject of death, good deeds, heaven and hell came up. After some semantics and premise, in short:

The Muslim:  You know guys, in my religion, the two of you are all going to hell if you don't repent.
The Christian: Well, in mine, the two of you are doomed and going to hell too if you don't repent. 
The Buddhist: Haha we're no different. In mine, the two of you are bound for hell. The difference in mine is... what level of hell will you be in.
*All three laughed heartily*
All in agreement and good spirit: So that's right, no issue there then. The conclusion is - We're ALL going to hell!

Post-Note: Before you condemn another person's belief, look first at yourself.

We all should learn to chill sometimes. It is after all a hot day! Go grab yourself an Air Batu Campur.

ABC at Lorong 2, Siburan... cheapest and best

Happy Weekend everybody!

p/s: This is a true story. At the time, it was really hilarious. Recount to capture the spirit of unity, respect, and tolerance. Not meant to offend any religious belief or faith. If you're offended, no apology will be issued.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kuih Tako!

... Meanwhile, hey let's take a brief break from the travel posts. After all it's the Fasting Month ma...

I don't fast, but I do support the local food market and so here I go doing my part to help generate the local economy. Besides, this is the best time to go food hunting because some of the best and hard-to-come-by local delicacies are out in the open!

My favorites during the Puasa Month? Kuih tako! These are tiny little drops of goodness made from rice flour, Hoen Kwe flour, coconut milk, sweet corn seed, sugar and salt... lovingly prepared onto tiny basket-like mould made from carefully folded pandan leaves (some used yam bean leaves/sengkuang). Apparently, I've been told that the Hoen Kwe flour is what makes this kuih special, it's made from some type of nuts (peanuts maybe?). You can google the recipe yourself. :D

Kuih tako from Matang Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar...

I live for moments like these... at home enjoying my takeaway takos with my loved one. Since I'm the only one at home crazy about them, hey more for me! And well, there's always everyone's classic favourite: miniature curry puff with sweet potato filling. 

For those observing the Fasting Month, here's wishing you 
Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Sungkei!

Karipap, kuih tako, kuih onde-onde gula melaka, ABC...